The change to end landline service will affect more people than any technology change in the past decade.

Did you know that right now there are parts of our country that you cannot get landline telephone service? Areas affected by natural disasters that took out major portions of the infrastructure required for landline telephone service have not seen it replaced, nor will they. According to telecom giants AT&T and Verizon Communications.

Many other regions are running through the experimental phases of it now. Residents, new and old, cannot sign up for new landline telephone service. It’s just not available. The announced end of landline is 2020, just 4 short years away. When landline phones are no longer an optional service to subscribe to businesses and individuals will be forced to use Wireless Service or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).woman_phone

The worst part about this change is that everyone at these giant telecoms knows that it is coming. Which results in poor service to landline subscribers when there is a problem that needs fixed. They have spent the last decade and billions of dollars putting in fiber optic cabling, upgrading facilities and software for this big change, which has neglected the copper infrastructure. Lines are corroding and breaking, equipment aging and failing and it is harder these days to get it fixed. It is not just a human problem, sure the technicians probably don’t want to mess with your copper, they would rather you just call into the office and switch to another service and take advantage of the last decade of their work. It is also an equipment problem, when major pieces of equipment fail there are fewer people around who know what to do with it, and there isn’t commonly a spare one laying around. This has led to a good many people switching to our VoIP service after being without phones for over a week.

We’ve talked to the large telecoms and have learned something. The switch is going to be expensive. Your multi-line service that you have now is controlled by outdated software and hardware, which tells call 2 to go to line 2 when line 1 is busy. This business rollover cannot be controlled with that same equipment in the digital era. You will need something in your office to do that. We priced it for a fictitious client with AT&T, and it turns out that the phone line charges were comparable to what is current. The kicker was the equipment fees, with an installation cost of over $3000.00. And in the end the customer was responsible for making it work with their existing analog equipment. It was a scary revelation to us that businesses are going to need help.

We have invested a great deal of time and money upgrading our services to meet the upcoming demands of business and residential clients. The only thing that we require is that you have a good internet connection, which you probably already do. If so, you’re ready. Let’s talk about your transition to the digital era before you are forced to scramble around and change. It has been discussed in the House here in Ohio to allow telecom companies to stop landline early in areas with adequate alternatives, ahead of the 2020 deadline.

Contact us today, don’t wait, we’ll put you on track for tomorrow.